Streaming Servers

We have a wide range of streaming servers available to you, many of which we own and operate ourselves, therefore we are in a unique position to be able to offer you a totally custom solution to your streaming requirements. We offer two main lines of streaming products:

Standard Web Streaming (typically at 128k in MP3 format)
Mobile friendly streams (at 48k or 24k in AAC+ format)

We also offer streaming servers up to 320k for professional streaming services.

Don’t limit your streams to just the standard 128k MP3 streams as many mobile users wont be able to get this speed to be able to listen without constant buffering and large data usage. Use our mobile friendly streaming servers and give your listeners the option to choose a lower bandwidth stream at 48k or 24k using AAC+ compression encoding and achieving good quality streams but at a much lower bitrate which mobile networks can cope with easily and prevent listeners using loads of data.

Click on the above options for our standard web MP3 and AAC streaming options or contact us for a custom solution for your radio station.

Want to hear how great our low bitrate AAC+ streams sound? Click on one of the links below to hear it for yourself! (You’ll need free software such as VLC to listen, get it from here).

– 24kbps AAC+ Live Stream.
– 48kbps AAC+ Live Stream.